The years in short...


  • 2013 starts with place no. 12 in the “Elektro Beats” listeners poll 2012 for “Antimatter”.
  • “Synth & Sequences” website publishes two fantastic reviews about “Let It Out!+” and “Patterns Of Light”
  • “Radio Goethe” host Arndt Peltner publishes a long and very positive review about “Let It Out!+”. On 8th of February 8th, the track will be broadcasted in nearly full length.


  • On January 14, 2012 Bernd Kistenmacher plays “Antimatter Live” in the sold out Planetarium of Muenster.
  • Syndae podcast” and Terry Hawke’s “Chill Out Sessions” presents first tracks of “Antimatter”.
  • Roland Systems Group reports in their newsletter about the use of technical equipment and synthesizers from Roland during the Planetarium show in Muenster.
  • “Sonic Immersion” publishes a review of “Antimatter”.
  • CERN reports in their “The Bulletin” about “Antimatter and Bernd Kistenmacher’s cooperation with Rolf Landua. A free download for all members of CERN has been offered by “Mellowjet Records”.
  • Spanish webzine “Lostfrontier”, the germanReleasetimewebsite  andElmusica” from Poland are publishing new interviews.
  • Elektroland”, a radio show from Denmark, plays “Antimatter”.  
  • German “Musikzirkus Magazin” published kind reviews about “Antimatter” and “Antimatter Live”.
  • French/Canadian website “Gutsofdarkness” publishes an overwhelming review about “Antimatter”.
  • “Antimatter” has been elected as “album of the year 2012” by the listeners of german “Radio Jena”.
  • More positive reactions about “Antimatter” on danish website of “”, polish website “Third Dimensions” and the website of “Radio Goethe”.
  • German “Eclipsed” magazine recommends “They Call It Soup!” from “Antimatter” as top-track!
  • Bernd Kistenmacher announces his participation on the “Swimmingpool-Festival 2012 in Berlin. This concert will be later followed by nice reviews in “Musikzirkus Magazin” and “Empulsiv
  • Bernd Kistenmacher announces “The Return Of Electronic Rock” festival. Due to many organisational problems, this event had to be cancelled later this year.
  • In cooperation with “DA Musik – Deutsche Austrophon”, Bernd Kistenmacher prepares the re-release of his first solo-album „Head-Visions“ on Vinyl. The remastering from original tapes was done by himself. For this project, Bernd Kistenmacher relaunches his label “MIRecords”.
  • German “Synthesizer Magazin” publishes a new interview in edition no. 32.
  • Bernd Kistenmacher announces another concert for October 27th during the “E-Live Festival 2012”. This will be his first concert in the Netherlands after 14 years. Bernd Kistenmacher plays first tracks of his upcoming “Pompeji” project. The show was accompanied by a video performance from Michael Menze. Reviews in “Musikzirkus Magazin” and “Electronic Circus” follow.
  • “Mellowjet Records” releases “Let It Out!+”. This is an updated version of “Let It Out!”, which is now available on CD for the first time. This album also contains the 20 minutes long track “Compressed Fluid”, which is the encore of the “Antimatter Live” concert.
  • Lostfrontier” publishes on his “Sampler 12” the track “The Memorial” which is another version of “Das Memorial”. This track has a slightly changed final.
  • On November 21st, Bernd Kistenmacher is studio guest in the most famous radio show “Elektro Beats”. Host Olaf Zimmermann presents music from “Head-Visions”, Antimatter”, “Let It Out!+” and the brand new release “Patterns Of Light” plus a long interview. This show will also find its way into the archives of the website “Last Radio Poets”.
  • “Patterns Of Light” is a for the “IC-Innovative Communication” label produced “Best Of” album. This CD gives a musical overview over the past 25 years, presents a slightly remixed version of “On The Shoulders Of ATLAS” and offers the exclusively for this project composed brand new track “Autumn Leaves”.
  • The year ends with a nice article about Bernd Kistenmacher’s musical past and his recent work in the german newspaper “Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten”.


  • Interview for dutch webzine „Sonic Immersion“.
  • Short appearance during a concert of colleague Robert Schröder  who performed at "Schallwelle - Deutscher Preis für elektronische Musik" celebration festivities. This concert  was later in 2011 released on the album “Robert Schröder – Bochum Live 2011” and is published at “News Music”.
  • Bernd Kistenmacher provides the previously unreleased track “One Single Flower” for the benefit project “Electronic Music For Life”, which was dedicated to the victims of the Tsunami in Japan. This DoCD was published by “Mellowjet Records”.
  • “Synth & Sequences” website publishes a long review of “Let It Out!”, written by Sylvain Lupari.
  • Bernd Kistenmacher provides the previously unreleased track “Das Memorial” to “Schallplatte no.13”, a release of the german organization for electronic music “Schallwende e.V.”.
  • In august 2011, Bernd Kistenmacher presents his recent solo-albums “Celestial Movements” and “Beyond The Deep during a phone-interview in the british radioshow “Hawke Chill out Sessions”, which is hosted by Terry Hawke.
  • German “Empulsiv” website publishes a “10 questions” interview.
  • Bernd Kistenmacher announces his third solo-work for “Mellowjet Records”: Antimatter”. A trailer, which was exclusively produced by Michel le Stum, can be found on Youtube. This was also a personal meeting with Rolf Landua , who works for CERN. Beside a lot of scientific background informations, he also provided a kind foreword for “Antimatter”.
  • In October 2011, Bernd Kistenmacher starts with preparations for his next solo-concert in the Planetarium of german city of Muenster. There was also organized a press-meeting.
  • Another interview has been held for the french fan-organization “Cosmiccagibi” . “In the eyes of…”is published on their website.
  • German “KEYS” magazine publishes a long story plus interview about “Antimatter”.
  • The official website (this one) goes online in December 2011.


  • 2 Live-performances at Musikmesse Frankfurt for Roland Music and Synthesizer-Magazin
  • A celestial Night – Bernd Kistenmacher live at Planetarium Bochum”. Concert on June 12th, 2010 on the occasion of the reopening of the planetarium after the reconstruction of the sound and lighting equipment
  • Release of new album “Beyond The Deep” on german label “MellowJet Records
  • Co-organisation of “Ricochet Gathering Festival for Electronic Music” in Berlin plus concert
  • Interview for “Syndae-Podcast” show with Stefan Schulz.
  • Synthesizer-Workshops in Cologne and Berlin
  • Release of “Let It Out!” as download-album at MellowJet Records


  • First concert after nine years on 24th of October by invitation of french association “Cosmiccagibi” at “La Boule Noire” club in Paris
  • Several presentions on Youtube
  • Release of new album “Celestial Movements” on german label MellowJet Records
  • “Featured Artist” for Roland Music Company; Germany (
  • Several “Experience reports” for german “Synthesizer Magazin” (
  • Long interview on “”, a german website for professional recording


  • Release of my last album “Un viaggio attraverso l’Italia” first on german “Merano Magic” label and finanly at “BSC Music Ltd.”, German


  • Bologna – concert at the famous Theatro delle Cellebrazioni
  • The music has been released on my recent CD “Un viaggio attraverso l’Italia”


  • association with Agitation Free for a CD-ROM project
  • presentation of musicians participating in Rainbow Collection at WDR - radiostation with Winfrid Trenkler
  • execution of distribution contract with BMG-Interactive Entertainment (a newlyestablished division of the second largest record company in the world)
  • decision to undertake multimedia venture as "do-it-yourself" project instead of hiring an expensive outside company, causes incredible increase of work-load, but also leads to new contacts with many pleasant and interesting people of different backgrounds
  • simultaneous release of conventional CD containing unreleased music from Manuel Göttsching and Michael Hoenig
  • finally, release of the "Rainbow Collection" in August, 199


  • small tour through West Germany
  • April 30 - two concerts in the Insulaner Planetarium, Berlin, at 5 pm and 8 pm
  • May 5 - presentation of tour performances in the "Schwingungen" radio program on WDR radio in Cologne
  • May 6 - concert in the Stadttheater, Bocholt, West Germany (music from which is content of the “M.I.Rainbow Collection” CD-ROM Box-Set)
  • May 13 and 14 - concerts in the planetarium in Augsburg, West Germany
  • May 28 - two concerts in the planetarium in Jena, West Germany
  • end of summer, first contacts to Günter Schickert, Lutz Ulbrich, and Michael Hoenig
  • elaboration of first concept of multimedia project "The M.I. Rainbow Collection, Vol. 1"


  • April 3 - performance during the last IGEM festival in the Zeiss Large Planetarium, Berlin
  • only record label work in following months
  • preparations for release of a ten-CD Klaus Schulze set under the direction of Klaus D. Müller
  • release of the set in October and corresponding direct- sales work; bookkeeping, etc. up into early 1994


  • signing with Klaus D. Müller's P.O.E.M. Music Publishing in Berlin
  • May 30 - performance in two-day "Wellenformen-Festival" in Hohenstein-Ernsttal, Saxony, Germany
  • June 27 - concert in the "Festival van Vlaanderen" in Tongeren, Belgium
  • production and release of fifth solo CD. "Live and Studio Tapes '92"
  • Release of six new productions on Musique Intemporelle


  • January 19 - concert in the Stadtgarten in Cologne, with Harald Grosskopf on drums for the first time
  • cover story in the March issue of German "Keyboards" magazine (interview with Albrecht Piltz)
  • May 3 - a further concert with Harald Grosskopf in RIAS Berlin Studio 10
  • production of the CD "Characters" with Harald Grosskopf


  • production and release of the CD "Outlines"
  • October 6 - concert at the "Wending-Dag" festival in Vichte, Belgium
  • October 19 and 20 - concerts in the Zeiss Large Planetarium in Berlin


  • "Electronic Goes Benefit". Three concerts in Berlin's Zeiss-Planetarium:
  • Concert January 7, 7 pm
  • Concert January 7, 10 pm
  • Concert January 8, 8 pm. The concert was presented, recorded and broadcasted by SFB – Sender Freies Berlin.
  • Invitation from Olaf Zimmermann and DT 64 to play in "Electronics Live" festival in Dresden
  • August 5 - performance at the "Electronics Live" Festival in Dresden in front of 6800 spectators. Other acts: Pond, Servi and Klaus Schulze
  • production and release of CD "Kaleidoscope"
  • selections from the "Electronics Live" broadcast by DT 64
  • "Timeless Sounds" renamed as "Musique Intemporelle"
  • November 9 - appearance in Winfrid Trenkler`s radio show "Schwingungen"
  • November 11 - performance in Berlin's Petruskirche during an electronic festival. Motto of the evening: "Musique Intemporelle" - music without borders!


  • "Cosmic - Sound Production" renamed "Timeless Sounds"
  • first release of "Wake Up In the Sun" on CD (still on CSP)
  • April - presentation of the CD by Olaf Leitner on his radio show "Extrasound" (RIAS Berlin)
  • July 23 - concert in Annecy, France at the "France Electronica 1988" festival
  • September 3 - concert during the "KLEM-Dag 1988" in Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • release of "Musique Intemporel" sampler as LP and CD with music from Trostel, Schönwälder and Kistenmacher


  • presentation by East German radio station DT 64 of LP "Head-Visions"
  • March 20 - performance during Berlin fashion convention "Offline"
  • first contact with "Electronics"-presenter Olaf Zimmermann
  • production of second LP "Wake Up In The Sun"
  • premiere of "Cassandras Dance" in "Schwingungen" in May
  • start of cooperation with “Titan” LP-Distribution.
  • performance at the "Spring Electronic '87" concert in Berlin
  • December 9 - concert in “Batschkapp club”, Frankfurt, during "White Waves 1987"
  • broadcast of "La Tendresse" in the ZDF television series "Terra X"


  • preparations for the "Spring Electronic Concert '86" with Mario Schönwälder
  • March 22 - "Spring Electronic Concert '86" with Tyndall, Trostel and Kistenmacher in the Kirche zum Heiligen Kreuz
  • simultaneous release of third cassette "Romantic Times"
  • broadcast of "Romantic Times" on Winfrid Trenkler`s WDR radio show "Schwingungen"
  • article written for the book "Klaus Schulze...eine musikalische Gratwanderung" by Michael Schwinn
  • contact with Berlin sculpturer Rainer Kriester
  • preparation and release of first LP, "Head-Visions"
  • broadcast of the music on SFB, WDR, and HR radio stations
  • contact with radio presenter and "White Waves" organizer Rainer W. Sauer- November 29
  • performance during the "White Waves '86" festival in Bürgerhaus Goldstein, Frankfurt am Main
  • presentation of LP "Head-Visions" on the SFB radio show "Musik - Tendenz Progressiv"
  • voted "newcomer of the Year 1986" by the listeners of "Schwingungen" - WDR


  • tested ARP 2600 for SFB radio show "Steckdose"
  • March 29 - speaker-demonstration and first live appearance (about. 20 min) in the foyer of "Gieger Acoustic" in Braunschweig
  • March 30 - first major concert (ca. 90 minutes) during the "1. Braunschweiger Klangfrühling" in Braunschweig
  • first interview and concert recording in SFB radio show "Steckdose"
  • first contact made with Winfrid Trenkler at the Berlin Funkausstellung
  • September 20 - concert during the "2. Braunschweiger Klangfrühling" in Braunschweig
  • second cassette, "Music From Outer Space", released
  • first contact with Nik Tyndall
  • November 30 - first Berlin concert in Stadthaus Boecklerpark during the "1. Berliner Elektroniknacht"


  • attempt at building synthesizer fails.
  • purchase of first "real" synthesizer (Korg Mono/ Poly)
  • first sound-experiments recorded on tape
  • first piece broadcast in SFB radio show "Steckdose"
  • first contact with Hans-Joachim Gieger and his loudspeaker-systems
  • first MC "Dancing Sequences" recorded
  • "Cosmic Sound Production" founded
  • got to know Christoph Franke
  • further radio broadcasts