Bernd Kistenmacher Celestial Movements


1 - Ouverture
2 - Tsunami
3 - Clayoquot Sound
4 - Lost City
5 - In The Black Smokers Bar
6 - Who Will Save The World ?

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bernd kistenmacher

© Christian Piednoir

Some words from all over the world

Beyond the Deep is a wonderful musical jewel. Far from create conventional EM, Bernd Kistenmacher rather chose a very symphonic approach with its last opus, relegating the sequential movements, the cosmic approaches and ethereal ambiances in background, putting all its emotions in a great classical-electronic work worthy of the best Vangelis attempts. And there I would establish a link with 1492 and Alexander that I still am far from the final product. No ! Kistenmacher goes further in the exploration of its equipment by redrawing their potentials with creativity that equals the one of great composers. I know that I will shock many eyes, and ears, but Kistenmacher indeed exceeded its mentor (Klaus Schulze) by signing his last works of a musical audacity that even Vangelis refused to penetrate.
A very beautiful work ! Very beautiful music which has nothing to do with EM such as Berlin School so much accustomed us.

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So what does this fictional musical exploration of the deep sea and the oceans, which were inspired by Frank Schätzing’s science fiction thriller The Swarm, bring us next to its ecological message ? Well, Bernd certainly hasn't forgotten his Berliner School roots beside his orchestral style and his distinct fingerprint, setting a gentle and grand mood with the opener Overture. The 16-minute Tsunami has quite some searching sounds at the start, before moving into a gentle piano section followed by spacious string and choir pads. Things are set in motion with a nice interplay of sequencers and rhythms, and I'm especially happy any solo voice is left out in this vibrant, classic-oriented piece. Well done !
Bernd has done a very nice job with the well-executed Beyond the Deep, which sees him explore emotional and new musical pathways. Hat’s off !

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Bochum - Zeiss Planetarium - A Celestial Night

To celebrate his second solo-album, "Beyond The Deep", produced again by MellowJet Records, Bernd Kistenmacher gave a concert at the Planetarium of Bochum, 12th of June 2010.

And here is the trailer !

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bernd kistenmacher

© Christian Piednoir

On closer examination of the deep sea and the oceans, one is especially clear: we actually know very little about what is going on under the surface. Sure, we know how global mechanisms are working (do we really?). We know a (small) part of the species and slowly we begin to understand that the deep-sea habitats, how alien they may seem to us, are important for our own lifes.
However, this unlit and unfamiliar world is widely unexplored. In fact we know more about the stars that surround us, than about the world from which we all seem to originate. Sure, this does not prevent human beings from exploiting existing resources merciless. This does not only concern the overfishing of the oceans or the never-ending thirst for oil. We begin to exploit the
seabed of our oceans without mercy. Even the worst environmental disasters do not hinder us to identify new and profitable sources - obviously ignoring any sustainability. A sea floor, for example the manganese nodules have been "combed" remains only scrap value afterwards. Only a second glance shows that there also, in many thousands of meters of the water, life is existing. At least before this “harvest” actions.
Where the continental plates are pushed apart by magma flows, therefore, to the ocean ridges, there are so-called "black smokers". Hydrothermal vents, that spit a 400 degrees hot primordial soup. Since a few years, we know, that life is even here! Whole habitats of worms, snails and archaea.
"Beyond The Deep" is a musical fiction. A plea for the conservation of this unique and fragile world. Sometimes threatening. Sometimes phenomenal. And sometimes relaxing. Who knows what kind of parties will be held at the "black smokers" or in "lost city"? To find out, we should not destroy and exploit. We should do research and take a closer look to understand. The seas and their inhabitants will be greatful...