Bernd Kistenmacher Celestial Movements


1 - The Beginning
2 - In Face Of Saturn
3 - Colliding Stars
4 - Eternal Lights
5 - Living Between Asteroids
6 - A Celestial Move

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bernd kistenmacher

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Some words from all over the world

Celestial Movements is a splendid comeback album. Certainly, we are very far from the undisciplined movements of a Berlin School to organized improvisations, as well as the arrhythmic and unbridled sequences which filled the works of his former days. But the German synthesist offers an album without smudges, where everything is musically structured, while perpetuating his love of ambient cosmic (The Beginning and Colliding Stars) in an incredibly rich sound universe. Bernd Kistenmacher displayed treasures of ingenuity to offer an album of a musicality which, to this day, was never exploited by anyone in this surprising universe of EM.
A key album and a classic to become which is at the height of the incredible genius whom is Kistenmacher. One of the Top 5 of 2009 !

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After what seems like a long break we get his new album, this time inspired by the impressive Horizon-Observatory at landscape-park in Ruhrgebiet, Germany. Many think this is the best Bernd Kistenmacher album so far.

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These compositions strive with great reverence to capture the beauty and splendor of interplanetary space, from the nobility of the rings of Saturn to the sedate agitation of the asteroid belt. A mood of breathtaking majesty is accomplished, and in some cases hyperactive keyboards attribute lively enhancement.

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Paris - La Boule Noire - Celestial Movements Live !

To celebrate his first solo-album, "Celestial Movements", produced by MellowJet Records, Bernd Kistenmacher gave a concert at La Boule Noire, 24th of October 2009.

Video by James L. Frachon (Mygale Films)

Video by Julien Perrin (NoKrautrockStory)

Some words from Bernd Scholl - MellowJet Records

2009. It is the International Astronomical Year and also the year, in which Bernd Kistenmacher will release his 21st solo-album “Celestial Movements”. Inspired by the gigantic and as well phantastic Horizon-Observatory at landscape-park Hoheward, Ruhrgebiet/Germany, the 49 years old native Berliner wrote a soundtrack for the stars, that is incomparable.
A first foretaste was offered to Bernd Kistenmacher’s fans already end of October 2009 at the cult-club “La Boule Noire” in Paris/France, where he presented his new album to public. The one’s who had expected to be sprinkled with long ago battered sound patterns, has for sure been comfortably disappointed.
Bernd Kistenmacher takes his inspiration from the unexpected and surprises his audience with ever new bridgings between the different soundscapes. His music offers many aspects: once meditative, once classic, once entertaining or bombastic, but sometimes also silent and melancholic. But it is one thing by all means: wonderfully dreamlike. We are sure: the one who enjoyed the exact 68 minutes of this masterpiece will return to the beginning very quickly, because “Celestial Movements” is Bernd Kistenmacher’s so far best solo-album. And that needs to be reheard not only once.