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Let it Out ! Let yourself go and let off steam out ! This is what one might conclude at the listening of this awesome music piece that Bernd Kistenmacher wrote for the famous EM festival; Ricochet Gathering 2010 promoted by Ricochet Dream Records’ own Vic Rek. For the German synthesist it was an opportunity to take stock of and build the bridge between his Berlin School influences and his current EM tangent which is more symphonic. And it's true that Bernd Kistenmacher has totally give vent to his feelings... if not went entirely running riot! He did Let it Out !
There are no doubts in my head, Let it Out ! will be a piece of anthology in contemporary EM. We attend at a real tour de force where Kistenmacher is a real musical whirlwind. Throughout this heavy sequential and symphonic maelstrom, Bernd Kistenmacher maintains a fascinating melodious approach which is the soul of this long hypnotic musical piece where every stage brings its melodious freshness and the poetry so unique to the musical universe of the German synthesist. It is a pure masterpiece. I think it’s useless to specify that it is a must have.
As far as I’m concerned it’s the best EM album in 2011 so far.

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In August 2010 Vic Rek, Mastermind of „Ricochet Dream“ invited me to participate in his famous „Ricochet Gathering“. This annual festival which takes place at changing locations on this planet was supposed to be something special this time. First, this event celebrated its thenth’s birthday, second, as it reminds of the roots of modern electronic music, 40 years of “Berliner Schule of electronic music” had been achieved (including the famous representatives of this guild). Enough reasons to choose Berlin as venue for this festival, more precisely the well known Schoeneberger City Hall, a place of world political importance.
So, many national and international guests celebrated from October 15th to 18th 2010 in form of sessions, interviews and concerts.
As a personal contribution I composed a song especially for this event, which draws a bow between Berliner Schule Electronics and my current, symphonic motives. This song has been composed and arranged within 8 days. A very spontaneous decision. No deeper consideration. Just letting out what inspired me thinking of “40 years Berliner Schule”. That’s it: “Let It Out!” is an acoustic journey through 40 years of electronic music as it influenced and shaped me. Enjoy !